Postsecondary Leadership Circle (Leadership Circle) for Parents

Meet the inaugural cohort of the Postsecondary Leadership Circle (Leadership Circle) for Parents: A prestigious group of college and university leaders that will advise the Aspen Postsecondary Success for Parents (PSP) Initiative – a multi-year effort to raise awareness of and share recommendations to better support students who are parents.

During its first phase, the PSP Initiative convened experts in the postsecondary field including parents, researchers, policymakers, and college and workforce development directors to gain a deeper understanding of the opportunities and barriers facing students who are parents. Recently, the PSP Initiative entered its second phase focusing on the implementation of best practices to advance student parent success.

Members of the Leadership Circle are spearheading innovative practices and family-friendly strategies on their campuses that advance postsecondary success for student parents across the country. This group includes chancellors from Texas to presidents in Oregon who provide concrete pathways towards completion with resources such as on-campus child care and mental health services.